Insights from the Google Science Fair Singapore Team

The Google Science Fair is a global online science and technology competition open to individuals and teams from ages 13 to 18. This year, three girls, Marion, Joy and Sonia entered the competition from Singapore. All three girls are members of the SAYES club and have worked in NJRC, Science Buskers and SSEF at Science Centre Singapore. I got the opportunity to interview them exclusively and here, they tell us a bit more about their journey together during the GoogleRead more

Celebrate Children’s Day at Science Centre Singapore!

Looking for ideas to spend Children’s Day on 7 October? Here’s some suggestions! Be a Nature Explorer Participate in hands-on activities and bring back your own handmade souvenirs (your very own climbing monkey toy and others). Immerse yourselves in our rustic Ecogarden and be entertained by a fascinating Science show! Your children can do all these on 7 October between 1.30pm to 5pm at Science Centre Singapore. Take flight with our new movie “Dinosaurs at Dusk” If your child isRead more

Alzheimer’s Disease

Tabitha Gan underwent an internship at the Science Centre Singapore (SCS). She has written this blog post during her internship at SCS. World Alzheimer’s Day is coming up on 21 September and its aim is to promote awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia. For those unclear about exactly what Alzheimer’s disease is, it’s basically a disease that destroys neurons, the connections between them and disrupts brain activity. Sometimes people tend to assume the terms dementia and Alzheimer’s disease mean the sameRead more

3D Printed Butterflies?

Nope, this is not a 3D printed butterfly. In fact, this is a beautiful Swift Peacock butterfly which can be found at Butterflies Up-Close (Hall D), Science Centre Singapore. So where can you find the 3D printed butterflies? Well, you can find them at Butterflies Up-Close this September school holidays. This is because of a 3D printing pen activity that will be run until 11 September. You will use a 3D printing pen to trace our ready templates, and voila, withinRead more

KidsSTOP – There’s something for everyone

By Jediel Yew KidsSTOP is an edutainment centre that aims to engage children from pre-school to lower primary school and expose them to science at a young age. The four exhibition galleries, Imagine, Experience, Discover, and Dream, aim to show the application of science in our everyday lives, through hands-on activities and programmes! I got the chance to pay KidsSTOP a visit this week (yes, I might be a little overage), but the many displays and stations still piqued my interest.Read more

Tinkering to infinity – and beyond!

This article is written by Valerie Wong, Corporate Communications Officer from the Science Centre Singapore. If you have run out of ideas for what your kids should do this upcoming September school holidays, come on down to Science Centre Singapore and join us at Tinker Fest, where ideas never run out, but keep on growing! Co-organised by Science Centre Singapore and education technology start-up Imagin8ors, the week-long festival aims to connect children, parents, educators and makers in the Joy ofRead more

Planetarium Conference in Warsaw

This article is written by Yong Jian-Yi, a Master Science Educator from the Science Centre Singapore, chronicling his experience at the Conference organised by the International Planetarium Society in Warsaw, Poland. What is a planetarium? No, it isn’t an Observatory or telescope! But it is a place to see stars. It is a projection of the night sky onto the inside of a Dome, not just stars, but a visualisation of the entire observable Universe. We could virtually be atRead more

Tunnel Vision

Saksham Bambha is a Secondary 4 student who underwent an internship at Science Centre Singapore (SCS) in 2016. He has written this blog post during his internship at SCS. Is what you see through the human eye all that exists in the universe? Have you ever felt that nature is boring? Well, let ‘Mysteries of the Unseen World’, a film produced by National Geographic in 2013, completely change your perspective of the world. Stunning visuals, slow motion footage, time-lapses and everyRead more

Being the scientist of your life

Jediel Yew is a Secondary 4 student who underwent an internship at Science Centre Singapore (SCS) in 2016. He has written this blog post during his internship at SCS. Hold up. Aren’t scientists the nerdy chaps in lab coats and safety goggles? Well, stereotypically, yes. But there’s more than meets the eye. Underneath their unkempt hair, the coffee-stained shirt, and the big, round glasses, is a wild spirit, an insatiable thirst, an obsession for discovery. Yet these remarkable traits are notRead more

Behind the Scenes – Butterflies Up-Close

Some time back, I sat down for an interview with June Chen, our Butterflies Up-Close exhibition project officer (overseeing the exhibition planning and build). Sitting in the Butterflies Up-Close exhibition classroom amidst the construction hustle, June shared with me what it means to be a project officer in charge of an exhibition. How long have you been working here? Coming to 2 years. What exhibition projects have you worked on so far? Singapore Innovations and Butterflies Up-Close Can you shareRead more