Probably the World’s Largest Harmonograph

This is just a quick update on our Prototyping the Harmonograph post of a couple of weeks ago. We since installed the PWLH (Probably the World’s Largest Harmonograph) in the gallery, and it has been up and swinging since the start of the Festival of Numbers on 11 March. Why do we call it “probably the world’s largest”? Well, at 8.6 metres high (from the top of the wires to the drawing surface) and 2.2 metres wide (length of swingingRead more

It’s Raining Pi!~

What a blast! We celebrated Pi (π) Day in style on 14 March at Science Centre! The revelry was contagious – kicking off in the office! The Pi-fever later spilled into the Gallery spaces with 100 sporting guests joining a Pi Circle at our Atrium – closer to midday! Each of us held a numbered card – representing a digit of Pi (3.14…), and participated in a countdown… And at the stroke of 1.59pm, 100 π balloons rained down! Wooo!~ Incidentally, a couple of balloons found their way to the topRead more

A great cause for celebration!

By Sharmin Taj When we were students, Mathematics was something we had all feared at one point in time. We can recall the countless formulas, shapes and equations that we had to remember, all to solve a question on how many apples a boy had. “Practice makes perfect!” our teachers would say, while handing out a stack of practice papers for homework. We would count down to the days when we would stop learning Mathematics formally. I’m sure this thought has passedRead more

Prototyping the Harmonograph

These days, I rarely go behind the scenes in our workshops here at the Science Centre, but for the upcoming harmonograph installation at our Festival of Numbers I got the opportunity to do just that. A harmonograph is a pendulum-driven drawing machine that combines two or more harmonic movements to produce beautiful patterns of graceful curves – provided a few conditions are just right. If either the design, dimensions or weights are wrong, you just get a jumble of lines.Read more

Shouting out Memorable Moments!~

Chris Wright gave an inspiring shout out of Science Centre Singapore to over 2.3 million Qantas passengers through the Qantas’ Travel Insider – Australia’s No.1 read magazine in the Business and Airline categories. Here’s what he wrote: “Singapore builds new attractions all the time but Science Centre Singapore has been a fail-safe rainy-day wonder since 1977. A hands-on museum, even before […]

Read more

A Starry Proposal!~

By Danny and Gauri Saxena Science Centre Singapore is so memorable to many of our guests for so many reasons. One of which includes being an idyllic place for a wedding proposal! Our very own Omni-Theatre which turns 30 this year, has seen quite a few proposals of recent, with younger couples opting to propose and pledge their love for one another in the starry setting of our Digital Planetarium. We caught up with one of the couples who popped the all-important ‘Will you Marry me?’ on 23 Jan thisRead more

The joy of discovery

Two weeks ago I made a mathematical discovery. I am not a mathematician, but I enjoy fiddling with numbers and spreadsheets, and I had been playing around with a Galton Board simulation for an animated Chinese New Year greeting card I was designing. This card involved chickens laying eggs onto a Galton Board with ten bins at the bottom to collect those eggs. The Galton Board – a vertical board with lots of pins that make balls that fall throughRead more

Orange you amazed!

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year! By Gauri and Danny Here’s Part III of our orangey line-up of experimental goodies! Learn how to make an all-organic candle with the fruit that’s making its rounds all over this Chinese New Year season! Orange Candle: Ever wanted unique decorations for Chinese New Year or a way to use leftover orange peels? How about making a candle out of an orange! Materials: 1) Mandarin Orange (other oranges would not work asRead more

Orange you bored?

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year! by Gauri and Danny Part II As promised, here’s the second of our 3-part special on fun things you can do this Chinese New Year with those extra oranges you receive during this festive time… Popping a balloon without touching it Thought popping a balloon without touching it was impossible? Find out how to do so with the help of oranges! Materials: Orange peels A water balloon *Make sure the balloon isRead more

Orange you excited for CNY?

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year! By Gauri Saxena and Danny This time of year, boisterous beats of lion dance performances ring out in celebration corners decked in vibrant red and pink decor. Smells of tasty goodies like pineapple tarts and Yu Sheng waft in, making our mouths water. Families reunite over sumptuous spreads, exchanging ang paos and oranges. Exchanging Mandarin oranges is a significant part of CNY and symbolise abundance and good fortune. Besides its symbolic significance,Read more