Aurora: Lights of Wonder

Authored by Cassia Pang and Reviewed by Danny The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, was once thought to be a bad omen by some, since the red lights represented the blood of revenging enemies killed in battle. Others believed that the ribbons of light were the dancing spirits of their ancestors. The brighter the Lights, the more joyously the spirits danced. However, with advancements in science and technology, we now know exactly how this celestial phenomenon really occurs. Producer andRead more

5 places to go to when visiting us this Dec!

Circus! Science Under the Big Top Did you know that trampolines or springboards were hidden to assist circus high jumpers in the past? Have you been intrigued by a contortionist and how they fit into a box or how performers balance on a high wire? Wonder no more! This is your chance to experience the science behind these daredevil stunts performed at circuses! Phobia2 – The Science of Fear We are only born with two fears – The fear ofRead more

Fancy a Beer in the Snow?

Block your calendar this Saturday 28 October for a quite literally chilled out night of cool brews and merry-making! Head down to Snow City to enjoy the Oktoberfest festivities, which include: • A Beer Drinking Competition • A Home-brewed beer at a one-of-a-kind Snow Bar • An Engaging magic show by Stefan Ebinger (from the International Brotherhood of Magicians) • A Stand-up comedy act by Lydia Sum-impersonator, Happy Fei Fei • Performances by 15 live bands of genres ranging from jazz to jive, pop toRead more

It’s no ordinary Jam. It’s a Tech Jam!

Written by Hezekiah & Danny “You have 5 minutes left! Do your finishing touches on your products!” On hearing the emcee’s countdown, some participants frantically attempted to assemble their artefact, while others laid back in their chairs, brimming with confidence in their winning pieces on the competition table. At this year’s Caltex Fuel Your School – Tech Jam 2017, students from several primary schools came to Science Centre Singapore’s Marquee to work hands-on on 4 projects designed by experts atRead more

Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Circus! Science Under The Big Top

Travelling to Science Centre Singapore, at the Annexe from 28 Oct 2017 to 18 Mar 2018, Circus! Science Under The Big Top, is Science Centre’s blockbuster exhibition!   Ever wondered what your grandparents did for fun in their kampong days? Back then, they’d visit the circus – a group of professional entertainers that travel from place to place displaying acts and feats that they have perfected over years of training. Now, take the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be atRead more

Exploring New Worlds during World Space Week

Ever wondered what interstellar space looks like? Or how wide the Milky Way is? After watching the Omni Theatre’s latest Live Planetarium show Exploring New Worlds, I experienced for myself how vast and boundless our universe is. State-of-the-Art digital projection technology and specialised software allowed me to not only take a closer look at what lies beyond but also made it possible to travel to space and back within a short span of thirty minutes, virtually of course! The presenterRead more

Flavours and the Mind

Ever experienced the nostalgia of smelling a place you have been to as a child? Or tasting a 3D printed lollipop and experiencing a sour taste? Check out our Digital Food exhibition and challenge your senses! Taste Test Sugar and Sweetener molecules are very different in molecular size and chemical structure, and yet they fit into the sweet receptors in our taste buds. Most people can sense the differences between natural sugar and artificial or natural sweeteners, and tell themRead more

It’s Showtime!

By Grace Quah and Danny My experience in Science Centre’s annual science busking festival was definitely one of the highlights of my life! It was a great exercise in mindfulness – of my science communication abilities, not only at the performance stage but during the preparations too. Let me briefly share some of the significant moments! I remember sitting down with my teacher and penning down as many ideas as possible. Since my teacher taught microbiology in class, we decidedRead more

Looking back at my journey…

By Paula Nazarene Evangelista Say How it all began Enthralled by forensic science since young, I would spend entire afternoons fiddling with those fascinating big, blue injection-like things and tasty-looking agar with holes which turned out to be micropipettes and agarose for gel electrophoresis respectively. Little did I know that that a DNA analysis workshop in Science Centre would spark my ever-growing passion for science. It was further fuelled by yearly visits to Science Centre, to catch a glimpse ofRead more

Building strengths by growing together

CRADLΣ – the Centre for Research and Applied Learning in Science – has made steady progress in bringing science to life through hands-on experimentation, thanks to the support from schools and industry. On Fri 11 Aug, CRADLΣ’s partners from a number of renowned educational and industrial establishments were recognised through the presentation of certificates and the unveiling of a special plaque where their logos take pride of place – at CRADLΣ’s entrance. Gracing the event, A/Prof Lim Tit Meng, Science CentreRead more