They’re Coming… Are You Ready?

Written by: Benedict Tham and Dexter Lim Shakespeare once said, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” Jointly presented to you by National Geographic and the OmniTheatre Singapore, Robots takes you on an amazing journey into the revolutionary world of humanoid robots. Let’s explore how they are revolutionising and making an impact on our world! The Stages Of Life Stage One: Crawling How do we move from place toRead more

New Look, New Perspective!

Written by: Benedict Tham and Dexter Lim The Mind’s Eye Exhibition is back! Bigger and Better. Double the excitement, double the fun. This exhibition on illusions and human perception features familiar favourites like the Mirror Maze as well as some brand new additions! Don’t miss these top 5 highlights when you check out the exhibition at Science Centre Singapore!   1. Don’t Stop Now This unmissable pattern makes a hypnotic return – with its spinning lines – tricking the brainRead more

Inspiring contest winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in Science Centre Singapore’s 40th Anniversary 40-word Facebook Contest! Without your support, we wouldn’t have achieved…   102                                      200                                            39                                Read more

Fun with the Sun!

Written by Ong Shu Yi Summer Solstice? When? How? Summer solstice happens on 21 June 2017. The summer solstice occurs due to the Earth’s tilt as it orbits around the sun. On this day, the Earth’s north pole will point more towards the Sun than at any time of the year. It signifies the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, as well as longest daylight hours for the whole year. For the southern hemisphere, it marks the start ofRead more

Tinker Fest ’17 (Illusions): Journey

By Fatin Iesa, Science Centre Singapore’s resident tinkerer who loves to apply scientific knowledge in a crazy and messy manner.   The Tinkering Studio celebrated the school holidays with another edition of Tinker Fest from 29 May to 4 June 2017. Based on the theme on Illusions, visitors wrapped their minds to create and explore visually-warped optical illusions. Through various hands-on activities and workshops, visitors learn science concepts through experimenting and are challenged to watch the world from a differentRead more

Celebrating Our Oceans

Now more than ever, we are more aware and alert to the consequences of our actions – our mining and every growing consumption of the Earth’s natural resources have depleted them. Actions like using plastic bags without disposing of them properly or human drilling deeper in oil rigs cause oil spills that often lead to the polluting of our waters and the death of many aquatic creatures. While yesterday we celebrated our oceans, let’s make a pledge that everyday weRead more

A Peek into a Child’s Mind

Written by: Setoh Pei Pei What goes on inside a child’s mind? Does a child think in the same way as I do? How does a child reason about things that happen around him or her? If you are a parent or have the experience of interacting with young children, you may have pondered over these questions. At the Early Cognition Lab, we use scientific approaches to investigate the workings of a child’s mind. The Early Cognition Lab is directedRead more


Written by : Kiruthika Ramanathan Learning City – at the Istana Open House May 2017 The showcase of makers went to the Istana for the second time during Labor day, 1 May 2017. Afterall, there is no other appropriate day than labor day to showcase the makers and people involved in Making. For labor day, Science Centre Singapore and the Life Long Learning Council curated a space together with makers from the community. the space meant to showcase how making isRead more

How good are we at detecting lies?

Written by : Koh Tong Wey & Jeslyn Lim Apparently, it is not good. Many previous studies revealed that people are only able to catch lies half the time; in other words, no better than flipping coins. That’s not too different from the experience of my gullible self. But wait! Some of us may recall that sense of unease during the moment we were conned? In a recent study, Leanne ten Brinke and co-workers published data suggesting that we may be betterRead more

Robotic Dinos to Land at Science Centre Singapore

Flying out of Japan for the first time, Kokoro Din Robot Factory is landing at Science Centre Singapore on 20 May 2017 and will be there till 27 Aug 2017! Perfect for children up to 12 years old, they’ll get to learn more about robotics and engineering through this cool new exhibition! h So what can you enjoy? Behind-the-scenes experience in building a robot! You’ll get to learn the steps to design, assemble and make your robot dinosaur move! The designRead more